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With the music execution and the talk of revolution

it bleeds in me and it goes...

28 July
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16, male, minnesota. i play guitar and i love punk rock. thats all ya fuckers need too know!

see ya in the pit!
867-5309, a bomb nation, a global threat, aaron jasinski, afi, age of empires, agnosticism, al franken, alt. rock, alternative t.v., angie, anti-flag, anti-nazi, anti-rascist, anti-war protests, art, bad religion, bass, being dumb, big black, big fuckin skull, big fucking skull, billy bragg, black flag, blankets, bob marley, boo berry, bouncing souls, captain barbossa, captain jack sparrow, cermak, cheap sex, choking victim, clash, clit 45, d.b.s., darwin, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, down by law, dropkick murphys, elliot smith, elvis, extream noise, first ave., flogging molly, fucking sluts, fugazi, george w. bush, girls, good riddance, gray, guitar, hardcore, hugs, jackass, jam sessions, jason miller, john lennon, kevin smith, knife dance, kurt cobain, leftover crack, life time, liz phair, lower class brats, mc chris, minor threat, modest mouse, more hugs, morrissey, movies, myranda, naked raygun, nice days, nirvana, nocompliance, oi, old cartoons, oxymoron, pain, penis fiending, pirates of the caribbean, playing guitar, poetry, politics, poser bashing, prozak jazz, punk, radiohead, rancid, red hot moons, reel big fish, sadness, saves the day, screaming, sex pistols, shows, ska, skipping school, sleeping, social distortion, spikes, stiff little fingers, storms, subhumans, submachine, tears, teen idols, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the alamo, the ataris, the avengers, the bad genes, the blood brothers, the briggs, the casualties, the clash, the darkness, the explotied, the germs, the living end, the n, the pogues, the quest, the smiths, the smurfs, the summer of 69, the unseen, the virus, three chord rock, thrift stores, u.k. subs, united divided, uptown, walks, warped tour, www.anti-bush.com, youth brigade